Me, who I am

The name H8LI is pronounced HOOLI, and the HOLI festival in INDIA is a worldwide reference.

Color pigments are used with spiritual intent and their values are sacred. I've replaced the "O" with an 8 because it's a lucky number and a vertical symbol of infinity.

H8LI, my colors made to last.  

"The radiance of femininity and the grace of women come through the light of colors. " 



I created h8li in January 2017 after feeling a need to brighten up our so normative and serious wardrobe. I was nostalgic for the women of my childhood who wore colors with panache and boldness, assuming their creativity and freedom. I had worked for a brand of men's shirts and later helped set up a workshop for women in difficulty, donating care and clothing.  

Having the opportunity to create my own color collections on a noble and ancestral medium seemed to me to be a magnificent means of expression. I set off to meet a megissier in the Tarn, as I lived in Bordeaux and distance was an advantage. Since then, I've remained loyal to the region, historically linked to the work of tanners. My intention is to offer high-quality, original garments in small series, easy to introduce into our modern lives. Appointments at the showroom are an opportunity to meet you and see for yourself the uniqueness of each one.