Argentine cut pants

Argentine cut pants


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I created this model with South American women riders in mind. It's wide and straight on the leg, and the waistband is fitted with a button as well as a zipper and flap pockets.  

This is a very spectacular, flattering and youthful model. Contrary to popular belief, the wide leg slims and lengthens the figure of the beautiful Amazons. The length remains to be defined on each according to your style, I recommend it on tall girls. 


To wear the color calella is to wrap yourself in the hollow of the Catalan waves. In Calella, you drown in the color of the sea that stretches as far as the eye can see, somewhere between blue and green. Wearing calella pants means taking a little piece of vacation with you wherever you go, for women who are both dreamy and chic.

FAQ - Maintenance

1/ Washing

Wash your garment alone, right side up, using a wool programme with a small amount of special wool detergent (too much detergent can wash out your garment).

2/ Drying

Lay your garment flat. Once dry, brush it with a special leather brush to soften it.

3/ Ironing

Iron it inside out (cotton side) to smooth it.

4/ To know

1/ Terre de Sommières (available in drugstores) is used to remove grease stains.

2/ Clothes brushes allow you to maintain your clothes and keep them soft.

*At h8li, we regularly machine-wash our pants, so they stay beautiful and develop a nice patina over time.
You can also have them professionally laundered. h8li is not responsible for washing accidents.