The bags


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My bags are the perfect accessory for keeping your hands free on the subway, on the move, in transit, or on a bike... I deliberately chose to make the handle very long so that I could wear it as a "cross body" without impeding movement. It closes with a snap fastener and is assembled in a unique combination of colors that I choose 1 by 1. These are pieces that recycle my scraps of skin after cutting the pants. We don't throw anything away, we transform it.

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FAQ - Maintenance

1/ Washing

Wash your garment alone, right side up, using a wool programme with a small amount of special wool detergent (too much detergent can wash out your garment).

2/ Drying

Lay your garment flat. Once dry, brush it with a special leather brush to soften it.

3/ Ironing

Iron it inside out (cotton side) to smooth it.

4/ To know

1/ Terre de Sommières (available in drugstores) is used to remove grease stains.

2/ Clothes brushes allow you to maintain your clothes and keep them soft.

*At h8li, we regularly machine-wash our pants, so they stay beautiful and develop a nice patina over time.
You can also have them professionally laundered. h8li is not responsible for washing accidents.